Bathroom Radiators

Reina's affordable designer bathroom radiators have charming designs to bring out an unique look. Besides delivering a high performance, are styled by well recognized designers. Reina'a designer bathroom radiators are suitable for many areas in the house and causes a remarkable atmosphere. These affordable designer radiators can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens and cloakrooms  to warm up the area with high performance.

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REINA Ancora Radiator

REINA Ancora Radiator£526.68   £331.81

REINA Dexi Radiator

REINA Dexi Radiator£217.35  -  £391.23

REINA Elisa Radiator

REINA Elisa Radiator£195.62  -  £308.64

REINA Sesia Radiator

REINA Sesia Radiator£259.95  -  £412.97

REINA Marco Radiator

REINA Marco Radiator£184.31  -  £306.03

REINA Isaro Radiator

REINA Isaro Radiator£164.32  -  £219.09

REINA Florina Radiator

REINA Florina Radiator£195.62  -  £282.56

REINA Ginosa Radiator

REINA Ginosa Radiator£326.03  -  £433.61

REINA Felino Radiator

REINA Felino Radiator£263.00  -  £358.00

REINA Carina Radiator

REINA Carina Radiator£197.00  -  £258.00

REINA Giada Radiator

REINA Giada Radiator£588.00   £383.00

REINA Riva Radiator

REINA Riva Radiator£191.71  -  £287.55

REINA Lago Radiator

REINA Lago Radiator£129.54  -  £146.93

Reina Breno Radiator

Reina Breno Radiator£310.50   £195.62

REINA Bivano Radiator

REINA Bivano Radiator£491.04   £309.36

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Page 1 of 4:    57 Items