Bathroom Radiators

Our range of bathroom radiators offers a wide choice of styles. We have a choice of colours, finishes and materials, including 25 year warranty stainless steel models. Traditional ladder style towel warmers through to more elegant designer ranges, providing a selection suitable for every bathroom. All ranges here are covered by a minimum five year manufacturers warranty. Bathroom radiators and towel rails offer a dual purpose of keeping your bathroom warm and heating towels ready for use. please browse the following pages to find your perfect radiator.
All bathroom radiators and towel rails here are available for next working day delivery, unless stated as special order.

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REINA Ancora Radiator

REINA Ancora Radiator£526.68   £331.81

REINA Dexi Radiator

REINA Dexi Radiator£217.35  -  £391.23

REINA Elisa Radiator

REINA Elisa Radiator£195.62  -  £308.64

REINA Sesia Radiator

REINA Sesia Radiator£259.95  -  £412.97

REINA Marco Radiator

REINA Marco Radiator£184.31  -  £306.03

REINA Isaro Radiator

REINA Isaro Radiator£164.32  -  £219.09

REINA Florina Radiator

REINA Florina Radiator£195.62  -  £282.56

REINA Ginosa Radiator

REINA Ginosa Radiator£326.03  -  £433.61

REINA Felino Radiator

REINA Felino Radiator£263.00  -  £358.00

REINA Carina Radiator

REINA Carina Radiator£197.00  -  £258.00

REINA Giada Radiator

REINA Giada Radiator£588.00   £383.00

REINA Riva Radiator

REINA Riva Radiator£191.71  -  £287.55

REINA Lago Radiator

REINA Lago Radiator£129.54  -  £146.93

Reina Breno Radiator

Reina Breno Radiator£310.50   £195.62

REINA Bivano Radiator

REINA Bivano Radiator£491.04   £309.36

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Page 1 of 4:    57 Items