Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal designer radiators offer a comfortable heating with its stylish design with affordable prices. Besides of these, horizontal designer radiators are built with a technology of high thermal power so horizontal decorative radiators have touchable front surfaces. Elegantly designed and affordable horizontal designer radiators are easy to use in all areas. They heat up the environment in a short time with high efficiency. These designer radiators can be used in houses, hospitals and nurseries because it gives most of the heat from the top surface and allows it to be safely touched even at high temperatures.
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Nevas Horizontal Radiator

Nevas Horizontal Radiator£92.08  -  £371.94

Nevas Horizontal Radiator - RAL Colours

Nevas Horizontal Radiator - RAL Colours£128.08  -  £510.54

REINA Flat Horizontal Radiator

REINA Flat Horizontal Radiator£108.11  -  £345.11

REINA FlatCo Radiator

REINA FlatCo Radiator£122.46  -  £495.63

REINA Neva Radiators - Horizontal

REINA Neva Radiators - Horizontal£85.02  -  £300.06

REINA Bonera Horizontal Radiator

REINA Bonera Horizontal Radiator£124.15  -  £314.94

REINA Sena Radiator

REINA Sena Radiator£104.98  -  £251.04

REINA Rione Radiator

REINA Rione Radiator£114.11  -  £251.04

REINA Pienza Radiator

REINA Pienza Radiator£214.52  -  £324.07

REINA Artena Radiator

REINA Artena Radiator£180.84  -  £747.68

REINA Nerox Radiator - Horizontal

REINA Nerox Radiator - Horizontal£169.80  -  £639.01

REINA Calix Radiator

REINA Calix Radiator£295.13  -  £676.72

REINA Versa Radiator

REINA Versa Radiator£282.04  -  £864.36

REINA Marinox Radiator

REINA Marinox Radiator£1,613.80  -  £2,411.56

REINA Colona Column Radiators - Horizontal

REINA Colona Column Radiators - Horizontal£119.98  -  £394.71

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