Vertical Radiators

Reina Vertical Designer Radiators with alternatives of Standard Plane Surface and Premium Plane Surface is suitable for use in narrow places that require high thermal power such as kitchens, anterooms and living rooms. Vertical designer radiators not only provide a stylish and modern appearance, but also delivers optimal solutions in limited spaces by its high heat dissipation feature.

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Nevas Vertical Radiator - RAL Colours

Nevas Vertical Radiator - RAL Colours£94.44  -  £380.56

REINA Flat Radiator - RAL Colours

REINA Flat Radiator - RAL Colours£149.69  -  £503.12

REINA Flat Vertical Radiator

REINA Flat Vertical Radiator£106.03  -  £383.95

REINA Neva Radiator - Vertical

REINA Neva Radiator - Vertical£86.68  -  £409.60

REINA Neva Radiator - Vertical RAL Colours

REINA Neva Radiator - Vertical RAL Colours£158.76  -  £425.48

REINA Bonera Vertical Radiator

REINA Bonera Vertical Radiator£175.27  -  £233.69

REINA Round Radiator

REINA Round Radiator£142.41  -  £343.24

REINA Osimo Radiator

REINA Osimo Radiator£282.99  -  £504.25

REINA Reflect Designer Radiator

REINA Reflect Designer Radiator£345.00   £217.35

REINA Tubes Designer Radiator

REINA Tubes Designer Radiator£199.09  -  £326.82

REINA Line Radiator

REINA Line Radiator£526.68   £331.81

REINA Fiore Radiator

REINA Fiore Radiator£526.68   £331.81

REINA Cascia Radiator

REINA Cascia Radiator£156.00  -  £261.95

REINA Oria Radiator

REINA Oria Radiator£209.96  -  £301.25

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